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Onboard a new driver

This section guides you about drivers onboarding.

Onboarding process allows you to generate and allocate a unique code for the driver with minimum details which can be later used by the driver to fill all the required details himself using the driver's mate app.

1. Navigate to

2. Click "Driver"

3. Click "Onboarding Drivers"

4. Click "Register Driver"

5. Add first name of the driver

6. Add last name of the driver

7. Enter a valid email address of the driver

8. Enter a valid mobile number of the driver

9. Vehicle:

Self: Allows the driver add details of his vehicle. Choice: Driver can select his vehicle from available vehicles list.

10. Click "Register Driver". This will auto generate a unique driver code. Send the code to the driver so he can complete his onboarding process.

11. When you are finished, click "Close".