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Manage Drivers

1. Navigate to

2. Click "Driver"

3. Select "Manage Drivers"

4. Drivers can be searched by ID, Name, Mobile, Driver Code.

5. Select "Add Driver" to Add a New Driver.

6. Select Title.

7. Type In First Name.

8. Type In Last Name.

9. Enter The Driver's Email.

10. Enter Driver's Mobile Number.

11. Type In Username.

12. Select The Driver's Date of birth.

13. Select Nationality.

14. Select Shift.

15. Create A New Password.

16. Select Driver's ID. Missing Id Only shows the remaining id's which can be given to driver's.

17. Click "Generate Code"

18. Type In Adress.

19. Assign Vehicle.

20. Select Driver Features.

21. Click "Next"

22. Fill in the expiry date of drivers license.

23. Type in Reference Number.

24. Select the PCO Driver License Expiry Date.

25. Type In Reference Number.

26. Click "Create Driver"